Kissi Couture

Created by: Nicole Sia Rodriguez
Designed by: Makenna & Morgan Rodriguez

If there is one thing that young girls have in common, it is a desire to play dress up. Kissi Couture understands this, and has finally introduced to the world an apparel line that has girls even looking forward to playing golf.

From Barbie dolls and princess dresses to the latest teen fashion trends, girls have always liked pretty things. Why is it then so difficult to find cute styles for junior girls in golf and sports? How could the golf & sports  fashion industry overlook using style as a way to attract more girls to  sports? These are exactly the questions, Morgan and Makenna Rodriguez, AKA the Rodriguez Sisters, began asking when they started competing in junior golf. 

Makenna and Morgan Rodriguez, Junior Golf sisters, started pursuing their dream of golf super stardom their parents searched feverishly however, unsuccessfully for stylish athletic apparel. The sisters then began designing their outfits for golf tournaments with the assistance of their mother, Nicole Rodriguez,  in 2012. The sisters referred to their style as Kissi Couture, Kissi is in honor of their Liberian great-grandmother Ellen Morris Warah. When their parents realized fellow junior girl golfers inquired where their outfits came from, they knew it was time to kick Kissi Couture in high gear. Nicole Sia and Benjamin Rodriguez embarked on a fashion journey to achieve all the creative visions of the sisters. This team of fashion forward thinkers were ready to make the golf course their runway. 


 Kissi Couture has exploded into a nationwide apparel brand with increasing demand amongst Junior Golf Girls and Girls In Sports . Through stylish, original designed apparel, Kissi Couture now inspires all girls to look like divas. Kissi Couture offers a variety of adorable looks; including bright colors, pageant sashes, bold prints, ruffle skorts, and a KC crest logo that will have any girl feeling like a princess.

Girls just want to have fun, and Kissi Couture now allows golf girls an outlet through which to do so. Inspire a young golf diva you know with adornments that will have her skipping down the fairway. Kissi Couture is designed for the fashionable junior athlete. Watch out world here comes Kissi Couture! Kissi Couture, girls golf and sports apparel will strive to dress every diva on the field.